Italian singer and songwriter Alessandra Bosco uses her voice as a bridge between the visible and invisible, combining songwriting and mesmerising vocal improvisation with electronic and acoustic instrumentation.

At 25 she flew all the way to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music thanks to a scholarship won at Umbria Jazz Festival and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in jazz such as Joey Blake, Mike Stern, Stefano Bollani.

She’s currently focusing on recuperating the sacred and healing aspects of the art of singing as well as her Mediterranean heritage, experimenting multiple languages and styles.




“I first met Alessandra when she opened for my concert in July of 2011 at the San Marino Jazz Festival. I was moved by her unique singing and interpretation. Alessandra is a highly talented singer and musician that has allot of promise in going on to a professional musical career.”

MIKE STERN, Jazz Guitarist
“She is a singer with a unique voice and rare way to express emotion and beauty.”
NITZAN KREMER, Tel Aviv Jazz Festival and Tel Aviv Opera House Director



Combining her educational background as a communication graduate and expert with her over 20 years experience as spiritual researcher, in 2014 Alessandra created Voicefulness©.

It’s the first coaching method that applies the widely demonstrated benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness to everyday life, at work as in private life, thanks to simple and effective exercises through two tools that each of us uses every day: the voice and the breath.

Voicefulness has already helped over 150 people worldwide to transform their communication and relationships by finding and following their inner voice.



My vocal research has always been headed towards self-liberation and expression, both on a personal and spiritual level.

Alessandra Bosco uses her voice as a bridge between the visible and the invisible; combining songwriting and vocal improvisation with electronic and acoustic instrumentation, his music resonates with (and at the same time amplifies) the global and individual “awakening” that many are experiencing in this historical period. He is currently concentrating his artistic experiments on music coming from her Mediterranean heritage, melting the sacred into instinctual vocals.



Looking inside is an invitation to those who listen to “Insight”. The invitation comes directly from the title of the individual but is only an indication because everything else is left to the listener’s imagination.